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The Executive Function Dysfunction

Some days — and sometimes, many days — feel humanly impossible to navigate.  It is so painful to be keenly aware of how much you struggle with the simplest tasks, yet be unable to overcome that invisible barrier that stops you like a concrete wall.  You know, rationally, that the task is simple.  Say, brush your teeth; go to the store to get food.  And yet, you seem unable to move.  It has nothing to do with laziness.  I suspect most Aspies will work their fingers to their bones on anything for which they have a passion.  But the executive function malfunction is absolutely paralyzing.  Literally and figuratively.  I have asked for help throughout my entire adult life for this issue.  Aside from meditation, the helpful answers have been few and far between.  And perhaps because I am high-functioning, most of my therapists (in a 15-year period), prescribed one drug or another, or two or four.  At one point, I was on seven different psychotropics at one time.  But the executive function dysfunction never got better.  There has to be a better way.  There has to be an answer, perhaps in the form of cognitive behavioral therapy, that can help those of us who struggle, not only to understand WHY this happens, but HOW do we cope with it.  I understand that “overcoming” is not an option.  But why shouldn’t accommodate be one.  Is there one, or more, or a method, or a philosophy that helps in navigating the world when it becomes overwhelming?